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Reblog if you honestly have NEVER sent anon hate.


It pains me that only 14,000 people can honestly reblog this

OMG of course not I don’t do that

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statsbritain ftw!

Darn tootin’


statsbritain ftw!

Darn tootin’

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Drawing meme: Charley Pollard, colour palette #1 (reqd by anon)

Love the new BF series!


Drawing meme: Charley Pollard, colour palette #1 (reqd by anon)

Love the new BF series!

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INFP personalities are quite difficult to get to know. Even their closest friends may often find it tricky to convince the INFP to open up and reveal their feelings; casual acquaintances will not get anywhere close to their inner self. People with this personality type do not care much about how many friends they have; the quality of those friendships is far more important.

Holy crap I’m an INFP! You mean other fanfic Who writers are, too? That’s really weird. It’s a very rare type.


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Things only a fanfic author can understand


The guilty feeling when you get a story like/review/follow for an unfinished story you haven’t touched in over a year.

Oh no, yes, but not quite a year…yet. «shame»

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Anonymous said: hi! i love you! also, do you know any KINKY ninexrose fics? :)


So ‘kinky’ means different things to different people: if you simply mean NSFW/smutty fics, I have a Nine x Rose list here. Above and beyond that, I’ve listed some recs from a few of the most common ‘kink’ genres… If you’re uncomfortable with dub-con or any common smut genres/themes, these are not the fics for you!


Dominant/Possessive/Jealous Doctor (BDSM themes)
Dominant Rose (BDSM themes)
Small/confined spaces
Public/outdoor/alleyway smut
Shag-or-die / sex pollen / dub-con
Drunk/under the influence

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Oh yeah

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Please go follow me on Teaspoon

For my handful of followers, thanks! My stories, Latitudes and Grenadine will be updated from here on at I’ve decided to limit my posting to AO3, Teaspoon and, and stop using Tumblr. The interface here is just too cumbersome, with too much noise-to-signal. See you over there!

Latitudes - Chapter 4 - Madman in a Box


Story Synopsis: Checking in on the new pocket-universe Gallifrey after the events of The Day of the Doctor, the Tenth Doctor finds it is a much nicer place than he remembers. It’s also the only home the Ninth Doctor has ever known. An AU Nine/Rose/Ten reunion fic.

Chapter Synopsis: The Tenth Doctor materialises on Gallifrey, but doesn’t receive the reception he hoped for

Rating: Adult for later chapters (aye, there be smut ahead, lads and lassies)

Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor


It had been a bumpy ride, indeed. He had thought there were five ways he might puncture through unimpeded to the pocket universe where Gallifrey spun, but turns out there was only one, and it had been a doosie. He massaged the growing lump on his skull. Damn that Fourier-stringshift tensioner knob, he thought, and made a mental note to move it straightaway, somewhere down at knee-level, when he’d done with his little impromptu Old Home Day.

He did not peek with the view screen, wishing instead to see his miraculously restored home-planet directly in person, and all at a rush, a “big reveal” as it were, in keeping with the solemn consequence of the moment: The Doctor Returns. They would have sensed his materialisation sequence, the information spreading quickly. It was bound to have sent all sorts of important Lords and Ladies, along with grateful members of the general public, scrambling to greet him. “Might just throw me a banquet,” he mused, and found himself remembering Gallifrey’s famous Phlogian soufflés. Still thinking of the soufflé, how the introduction of proper colloidal foams at three points in the whipping process made the eggs and oat flour rise higher than a man’s head, he swung both Tardis doors dramatically out into the heart of the Citadel’s main plaza and posed there, proudly, for a moment, remarking (about the soufflé, of course, not the plaza), “It’s so fluffy!”

There was no one about to witness this curious entrance save a pair of Academy students, young women, who put their hands over their mouths and giggled. 

“Excuse me,” he asked, walking to where they sat perched on a low wall beside their stacked readers and the matrix-erudition-access beanies from which they were currently taking a break. The girls regarded him brightly. “Thought I would stop in and see how you were all getting on.” They were unresponsive to this small speech. Was it possible they did not know him? “It’s me. Oh, perhaps you’ve only seen a former incarnation—but surely you know my Tardis,” he said, gesturing back toward the ship he had just emerged from. “Bit famous, now, I’m sure!”

“We were informed parking of TT capsules is not allowed in recreational areas,” one remarked, archly. 

“And shouldn’t you always have it in plain-front, here on Gallifrey?” asked the other. She turned to her companion. “Truliana, I’ve forgot again, is it Sections 48 tango through zed or 63 alpha to delta that cover the standard appearance of capsules when berthed?”

“62, Jordna,” Truliana replied, shaking her head.

Jordna sighed. “Before exams next week I’ll have to revisit that entire Codex yet again. For the life of me I can’t seem to retain it.”

“She’s right about the rule, though,” Trulania scolded the Doctor. “Its purpose, as you must know from your own training, is to keep the original manufacturer’s marks clearly visible, so that you may be identified at a glance.” She narrowed her eyes and asked, “How do we know you’re not an alien who has stolen this capsule?” 

“Yes,” Jordna chimed in, “unauthorised use of a TT capsule is a serious matter. You could get up to all sorts of no good with one of those.”

The Doctor tugged at his left earlobe. “Well, uh, yes…”

“Who did you say you were?” Truliana inquired.

“The Doctor.”

“Doctor who?”

“Yes, exactly!” he cried, rather too loudly. “Saved your planet and a sack more, couple weeks back?” he went on, beginning to bounce on his toes excitedly. “Trillions of lives on countless worlds, thousands of advanced civilisations spared from being blasted out of time by the terrible Moment?” At their blank stares he added, gesturing across the air one word at a time, “Gallifrey Falls No More?” Then he shot two fingers into the air and pretended to shake something back and forth. “Ding-a-ling-a-ling! Ring any bells?” The Doctor’s voice had become shrill, his face red.

During this speech, the girls had begun to stand, gingerly gathering up their things whilst keeping out one watchful eye. Backing away, slowly, Jordna put on a weak smile and lightly proclaimed, “Oh, look at the time, sorry but we’ll have to be getting on, now.” 

“Classes, you know,” Truliana added, reaching to turn her friend’s shoulder in the direction of the nearest exit, pushing to urge her away.

As the girls made a rapid retreat, the Doctor called after them, “Can you at least inform someone I’m here?” They did not respond, and were quickly gone from view. 

The Doctor scanned the vaulted roof of the plaza, knowing there must be several cameras about. He waved his arms and shouted, “Hello! I’m here! Last of the Time Lords no more and all that! Hello!” The stillness unnerved him. His arms fell to his sides. “Blimey,” was all he could get out, and he puffed up his cheeks and let out a deep, disappointed sigh.

A few hundred metres down the west walkway, Main Plaza Security Station Three was, indeed, watching closely. They had been monitoring the situation since hearing the Tardis’ first groanings. A short, dapper man with a thin face, wearing a Captains braids, was worriedly speaking into a nearby microphone. “Yes, sir, he’s still here, just standing about. Yes, the doors are wide open to it, and it appears fairly…messy, in there, sir, messy is the word for it. Like it’s been in an accident. Yes, sir. Roger that.” The man flicked off the communications unit, then turned to two other security men who were at attention, awaiting orders. “We’re asked to stand by. Two members of the Council and their Chamber Guard are on their way to deal with him, themselves.”

“I say, he must be one a theirs, fellow Time Lord, eh? And they think he’s a dangerous one, at that!” remarked one of the security men.

“Stand by, alright then, I will,” replied the other, but in a gruff tone added, “though no promises if I sees ‘im menacin’ any more of our impressionable young people.”

“Just hold tight, Dunleedy,” his fellow officer said, rolling his eyes. “The man is obviously a loon, he doesn’t need you rearranging his skull.”

“No, Peete,” said the Captain, a broad smile breaking out on his face at his own coming joke, “a psychiatrist’ll tend to that!”

All three laughed loudly, then turned their eyes back to watch the intruder. 

“He’s got a coat like a space pirate I saw in a film, once, as a boy,” remarked Dunleedy. 

“His hair is certainly gone wild,” noted the Captain. 

“Didn’t realise how quiet it’s been around here, lately. Exciting stuff, this,” grinned Peete. “Exciting stuff!”

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Story Synopsis: Checking in on the new pocket-universe Gallifrey after the events of The Day of the Doctor, the Tenth Doctor finds it is a much nicer place than he remembers. It’s also the only home the Ninth Doctor has ever known. An AU Nine/Rose/Ten reunion fic.

Chapter Synopsis: Rose lands in a peaceful village, and is taken to see the local doctor.

Rating: Adult for later chapters (aye, there be smut ahead, lads and lassies)

Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor



“Here,” Rose whispered into her communication link. It took an enormous quantity of energy to get each message through, so they had trained themselves early on to keep it short. Mick and Jake were likely beside themselves with curiosity as to what she was seeing, at each jump, but they would have to wait to find out.

Not that Rose knew what she was seeing, either, not exactly. She had landed in a thick wood with dappled sunlight, by a rushing stream that poured its clear water along a bed of smoothed, round rocks. Larger moss-covered boulders dotted the bank, hosting in their lee scattered clumps of plants that looked like Earth ferns, except these were a warm orange color. That was all fairly normal, but just beyond the wood there was a large clearing where, she could see through the tree trunks, there were humanoids, dressed all alike, moving in unison. She quietly walked forward to get a better look.

The field was covered by yellow-gold grass, neatly kept, making a fine public space for the dozens of people upon it. Male and female, all wore the same sarong, fastened at the shoulder, each the same brilliant blue. Rose recognized their movement as a sort of tai-chi-chuan. “They’re having their morning exercise,” Rose guessed. She waited patiently, not wanting to interrupt, and took in the rest of the area. Beyond the open field were neatly-landscaped gardens.

A bell rang and all the people bowed quietly then broke ranks. As some strolled off and others began chatting up their neighbors, Rose took a deep breath and stepped out of the woods. They all looked friendly enough. Sometimes a direct approach was the best thing. A pair of friends, a woman and younger man, paused in their conversation to watch her curiously, smiling as she neared. “Excuse me,” she said, “I’m looking for a man they call the Doctor.”

“Where have you walked from, then?” a woman asked.

“Oh, just popped in,” Rose answered.

“Who did you say you were looking for again?” the man asked.

“The Doctor,” Rose answered. “Travels around in a blue box with a little light on the top of it? No?”

“Sounds like something he’d do,” said the young man. “He’s forever making gadgets, don’t know why he left the Academy, really.”

The woman suggested, “Let’s take her up to town. The Doctor was going fishing this morning but he’s likely back by now.”

“So you do know someone here goes by that name?” Rose asked, as they began walking.

“Yes,” the two answered, but by the time they had led her through the lovely public gardens and out into a town of rustic glass-fronted buildings with their backs built into mounds of earth, serviced by lanes of pounded dirt, Rose had determined that this Doctor they were going to see must be merely their resident GP, and that these people were too technologically backward to be of any further help. Still, she thought she would be polite and at least let them finish their errand on her behalf, before jumping off again.

They came to a large earth-building, its front glass walls slid open to the morning air, its yard scattered with large bits of junk. Happy whistling came from inside, then a bit of singing in a competent baritone:

Winding a worm ‘round me hook,
It gave me a quizzical look.
I threw me rod down,
And walked into town,
To round up a chicken to cook!

“Doctor!” called out Rose’s guides, together.

A tall, chiseled man, wearing nothing but a pair of drape-y, blue running shorts and a rubber apron came strolling out his front door, wiping his hands on a dishtowel. “Good morning,” he greeted them.

“This lady says she’s looking for you,” ventured the woman.

“She is?” he answered, and looked Rose over.

Fixed by those blue eyes appraising her up and down, those shining eyes in that beloved face she knew so well but had almost forgotten, in the cruel way time treats everything we hold dear, Rose could not think of what to say. She began to tremble, and then, to her own dismay, found herself bursting into tears.

Her legs began to give way, and if this man who was, impossibly, her first Doctor, had not come to her in two strides and caught her up in his strong hands, she would have dropped straight to the ground.

“Oi, none of that, now!” he said to her gently, and pulled her up into his arms. As he carried her inside, to have a proper look at her in the small surgery he kept at home, he bent his head closer to her, to hear her heartbeat. He smiled. He felt the appropriate amount of concern for her, of course, but he was thrilled something out of the ordinary was happening today. He was the type who was always wishing for something exciting, and this girl surely fit the bill. Not only did she have void energy all over her, and a trans-dimensional travel device strapped to her arm, she was also an alien. Yep, he confirmed, hearing her one heart-beat: definitely not Gallifreyan.

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Chapeter 10: Room Service

Characters: Eighth Doctor, Charlotte Pollard

Genre: HorrorRomance

Rating: Mature

Chapter SummaryCharley and the Doctor are settled into their gilded cage aboard Acris and Sheila’s spaceship.

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